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 Here are just a few of the many pictures sent to me by people who have constructed their own pond

Many thanks to everyone for sharing their pond pictures and ideas


 Hi John,
Great website.The information on your site was a great help to me. I started digging the pond in mid September 2001, and neared completion by the end of the same month. The dimensions are 18ft x 12ft x 4ft at the extremities and taking the plant shelf into account, the volume is approx 3000 gallons.
I used a Oase Biotech 10 Biological Filter Chamber, Aquamax 10,000 pump to circulate the water once every 2-3 hrs and a 30W UV. The filter now seems to have stabilised and does not require the same level of attention

As a final note, you will notice that I have installed an electric fence around the perimeter to protect the fish from predators. This has not spoiled the appearance of the pond as the stainless steel posts are sprayed black, and the black polywire is hardly noticeable.

So glad we went to the effort of adding a pond. Its great to just sit there on a sunny afternoon, listening to the water in the background.

Mark Griffiths.

Andrew Bates Garden Pond

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other pictures during construction Click Here





 Mark Griffiths Pond

Click here to see more pictures as mark
constructs this great looking pond



Andrew Bates Garden Pond

Hi John,
This Koi pond was completed by myself in March 2002. It is 5.6 feet deep and holds 2800 gallons.
It has a bio system set 3 with aquamax 10,000, 25 watt U/V, magnets,blanket weed controller,40L/min air pump and a 4.5 KW heater
Total project price including filters etc £1450.00
I use kusuri clay & eco-pure. This keeps the water crystal clear with no blanket weed.

Great Site
Andy Bates

 Kevin Tan's Pond
Hi, I'm Kevin and I'm from Malaysia. Here's a picture of my 55 000L koi pond. The pond was completed in June 2001. The pond filter consist of a long settlement chamber with heavy brushes and then thru some Izeki nets, followed by another long biological chamber with Japanese matting, before going into the pump chamber. From the pump chamber, the water is returned via long waterways which have water marginals in them, acting as vege filters. Some of the water from the pump chamber is also pumped into my 2 trickle towers filled with thousands of bioballs. (concealed in large terracotta urns). The water quality has always been very good.
I have about 30 Japanese koi ranging from 5inches to 25inches in this pond. This pond is the family's pride and joy. tanyongkoon@hotmail.com


 Kevin Tan's Pond

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 Gary's Pond

To view more pics of Gary's pond
please click here

Hello John,

I have just browsed your site for the first time and congratulate you on being interesting and informative.
The pictures I have included are of my ponds that were completed in the Autumn of 2001.
Unfortunately I have lost a few fish over the last few weeks due to fungal infections and my inexperience.
However I am undeterred and now the sun is shining again, I am already planning my next bigger and better water feature!!!!
Enjoy the pictures, Cheers

Bolton, Lancashire.

Susan Trotts Garden Pond 

To view more great pictures of Susans Garden
and pond Please click here

Hello John,
We dug our pond three summers ago - this next being the third.
We did it ourselves, and it took two weeks to fully complete.
The ground is pure clay - very dense modeling quality which actually made it much easier than you'd expect. We literally carved out the pond shape.Its approximately 13 ft long and 5 ft wide at the widest point and 18" deep on average.

We've calculated about 400 gallons.
We're using a bio filter, UV filter and a 2000 gal/hr pump that pulls and pushes water through the pumps and up to the stream.

The total height of the stream is about four feet from bottom of pond to top of hill.

We've currently got too many fish and will be taking out the goldfish, but there are 6 Koi. They've been inside all winter and have grown about 6 inches in length since September. The largest is about 15".

I'm sending you a picture of my pond before I finished the waterfall, but it does have a pretty good look at the fish. My pond is approximately 17,000 gallons, with two type of filters. One filter is fed from two 3" bottom drains into two settling tanks, and I pump from the second one into a fluid bead filter. The water exits and goes 240 watts of UV and then into the pond. My second filtering system is fed from a skimmer that pulls water from the top of the pond, and feeds a 300 gallon stock tank filled with plastic string type medium. This water then feeds the waterfall or has a valve on it to have the water go out under the surface of the pond about 2 feet. Between the two filters I move about 160 gallons of water a minute, and that turns my pond water over several times a day. I built a shade over the top of the pond which also acts as a blind from the kingfishers. The sides of my pond are very steep so even though the heron come they can't have dinner. The size of my pond is 24x16x6'.
Jerry Hames


Jerry Hames 17000 gallon Pond

Click here to view larger picture of this pond

Plus a great picture of the waterfall

Alex Milton's Pond

Click here to view larger picture

Hi John.

I read your web page shortly before building my own pond. A very useful and well laid out site, thanks for taking the time to produce it.
I have attached below some pictures of my own now completed pond (virtually any way) which you may find interesting.
I decided to opt for something a little out of the ordinary and made a raised pond (roughly 3 and a half foot
off ground level) entirely out of wood and liner. Other than suffering some minor bowing which was expected and has now been rectified, the pond has proved very successful. I currently have a Variety of Koi ranging from 2" - 8", 1 goldfish, 1 small and 1 large Shubumkin, and this weekend introduced a large diamond backed Sturgeon (lovely looking fish and very entertaining).
The pond is 1,100 - 1,200 gallons and I estimate it cost me about £700 including the cost of equipment (pump/filters etc).

Best regards.


 I built my pond in the summer of 1999. This started out as "an idea" to have a simple little pond built out of a rail-tie flower bed (The black square to the right of the picture). As I started digging, I thought it would be nice to have a waterfall and to have the water from this small pond flow through and over a larger pond. So I hand-dug a 25 feet by 12 feet by 4 feet deep extension and covered everything with a liner. I estimate the pond to be approximately 2000-2400 gallons. Two submersible pumps in the main pond supply water to the Home-made filter in the upper, smaller pond and to the waterfall (Not seen from this angle).
I have it stocked with some 30 various size Koi and 70 goldfish. The goldfish breed like mad but the Koi have yet to reproduce. As well, this summer I counted as many as 50 frogs. There is a great deal of activity in and around this pond. I have seen snakes eating frogs, frogs eating frogs...etc.When I come home from work, I cannot think of a better place to sit down and unwind. The maintenance has been simple although I have struggled somewhat with String Algae and Frogs dying in the pond over the winter, causing
fungus problems and fish diseases. I now remove all the frogs before winter.



 Barry & Sharon Rackley's Pond

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Barry & Sharons 's Pond With Their New Pergola Added

Guy Van der Meeren

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Hi John

After listening to everyone's advice about constructing our own Koi pond, we decided that the best bit of advice was to build it how we wanted it right from the start so that it would not need to be made bigger etc. later.

We started digging in July 2001, all the clay and earth removed for the pond was used to part construct the rockery and waterfall.
After 3 days the hole was dug, footings were put in for the wall, brickwork was laid 1 week later. Because it is part raised, we built it up with 3.5 tonnes of concrete. We put the liner in and filled it with water, trimmed the liner after a week and added the slabs as a finishing touch. A further 3.5 tonnes of topsoil was added to the rockery and 1.5 tonnes of rocks. We then began adding plants to the pond and rockery, building the three tier waterfall. 2 weeks later we introduced a couple of goldfish. From the 1st September the pond was up and running. We have since introduced several Koi both Malaysian and Japanese which are thriving well. The pond size is 1500 gallons, we are using a hozelock bio-filter with UV filter and hozelock pump.
It was very hard work getting everything together but we are very pleased with our achievement. Total cost approximately £3000.00.


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I was surfing the web and thought I would share my pond with others.
I constructed the pond 2 years ago. It is made from epdm 45m roofing liner and is 8000gal.The filter is a 300gal stock tank made into a filter. I have about 10 Koi at this time, 3 of them being from spawn last year.
Hope you enjoy the pond pix.

PS nice web site and pond
Thank's Roger

Rogers Pond

Click here to view larger picture


Stuart Hopwood's Pond

Click here to view larger picture also Stuarts filter system

Hi I am Stuart I live in Cape Town South Africa, one of the most beautiful places in the world.

December 2000 I completed my 4500 L pond. It is 3 meters x 1.4 meres and 1,4 meres deep. I built it my self with a little help from a friend over a period of six weeks. A concrete floor was thrown and walls were built from bricks and then fiber glassed. My prize Koi is a Kin Ginren Showa which was imported from Japan. My filtration is all done via a high pressure sand filter, six watt UV light and a Biological filter filled with tubes.

Staurt Hopwood


 I am Richard Bos and I live in the Netherlands. I love to surf the internet to see other Koi keepers enjoying their hobby. I started with Koi about two years ago and must say the color of these fish don't find their equals anywhere else.

I now have a pond of about 4000 liters with 10 Koi and a diamontsturgeon. I am planning on building a bigger pond of 15000 liters but had a little financial set back so I have to wait a little.
I made my pond out of foil and have a 3 chamber biological filter attached to it to keep the quality of my water OK.

I have two High frequency 11 watt units attached to the system.


Richard's Pond

Click here to view larger picture

Albert's pond
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Hello John,
Thought I would drop you a line and a picy of my pond, which was made after viewing your site. The construction was completed in about three weeks,
the filter box is housed under the little hut at the top of the waterfall, the rockery made from sub soil from the pond dig and topped with a few ton of topsoil.
I am really pleased with it, especially now everything is in full bloom, A tot of the amber nectar (Whisky) by the waterside in the evening makes everything worth while.
Best wishes with your web site.
Albert barker


  I started work creating the pond on a Friday afternoon and by Saturday had dug the hole and lined it with building sand ready to fit the liner. By the Sunday evening it was done and full with water, but looking horrid because of the cut off liner around the edges. Luckily we had a few nice hot days so I set about laying the crazy paving around the edge, and my husband Jim installed the pump for me. We added some oxygenating plants, water hyacinths and various other aquatic plants. About a week later I bought some very tiny goldfish. All plants and fish are now thriving.
It didn't take very long before the water turned green. I soon rectified this problem though, by adding a filter and u/v system.
The water is now crystal clear again, allowing me to see the fish at the bottom of the pond.

To give my pond the finishing touches I have incorporated a small waterfall and illuminated the whole pond with out door garden lighting.

What started out as an idea for a small pond, has escalated into a full time hobby.
I have definitely turned into a Pond and Fish Fanatic
Karen's pond 
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My Koi pond
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  My pond and surrounding rockeries took me a couple of weeks to fully complete. The pond measures 13 feet long x 8 feet wide x 3 feet deep, approximately 1700 gallons.

For many years I often thought about building my own garden pond, but that was as far as I got, until one day I took the bull by the horns and started to dig.

This was not the cleverest thing I had ever done, I made several mistakes during the construction, which cost me a few quid.

This is why I have put this web site together, to help other beginners so they will not make the same mistakes I did.

When your pond is fully completed and stocked with fish you feel a sense of achievement.

Have a go, it's well worth the effort.

 I am using a boizorb 2000 filter box and a 25 watt uv, my pump is a cyprio 1200(i think)anyway know it turns over about 1,345 gallons an hour and it seems to keep my water crystal clear,at the moment though, due to the move my water is a bit murky to say the least. I know it will clear but like most im impatient, i do like to see my fish.
I would like to add that i never use any chemical treatments in my pond,if my fish appear unwell i always treat them in a seperate tank or i take them to my vetinary surgeon who is only too glad to treat them.
I have a blue and white Israelly kio which damaged its mouth last season, i beleive it was the nieghbours cat that tried to get it from the edge of the pond, this left the fish with a very large wound. Two trips to the vet and two antibiotic injections later i now have a perfectly healthy fish.
On the subject of blanket weed(everyone`s nightmare) i dont seem to suffer from it,what i do at the beggining of each season is to take a scrubbing brush and scrub the sides of my pond i also use a stiff broom to do the bottom of the pond,but remember to be carful as not to hole your liner,i dont know if this is why i dont get blanket weed but it works for me.
All for now
Vinces Pond
Click here to veiw larger picture

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