Submersible and surface pumps to filtration systems and ultraviolet lights

Water pumps - Filtration Systems - Ultra Violet clarifiers

Before you purchase any of the above, be sure you know how many gallons of water your fish pond contains.
If your pond holds 1000 gallons you must be sure the pond pump,filtration system and u/v [ultra violet clarifier] are all adequate enough to ensure the total volume of water is turned over at least once, every hour and half. This also helps to keep your fish pond nice and clean.
If, when choosing your pond pump you would like to incorporate a filter system, waterfall feature or water fountain, you should ensure the pump you purchase is powerful enough.

If you are still unsure, seek advice from a aquatic centre or pet shop,who will match all three items to your personal needs.


Choosing a garden pond pump

As there are so many different kinds of pond pumps,choosing the right one that best meets your needs is not an easy task. Careful thought should be given to the overall performance you expect your pond pump to achieve, i.e Gallons to be pumped per hour, and if you intend to run a waterfall feature from the same source etc.
Any decent aquatic centre or pet shop will point you in the right direction.

A very big thankyou to Fredrik Jacobsson (Sweden) for supplying the link below

How to select a pond pump

  submersible pond pump Garden pond submersible pond pump
The garden pond pumps above are submersible

  Submerged Pump
A three tiered waterfall feature
A submersible pond pump must be fully submerged before switching on the power. The electrics are fully protected and therefore kept dry. 

Pond pumps come in either of two types [submerged and external].Submerged pumps have the advantage of being located out of clear sight,below the surface of water.

Surface (external) pond pumps

Are located outside of the pond. They do the same job as submersible pumps but in a different way. With this type of pump it is very easy to clean and maintain, without having to put your hands into the water. External pumps tend to be cheaper in price than the equivalent submersible pumps, but are just to powerful for the average garden pond.

On the debit side , surface pumps are easily damaged by moisture. This sounds crazy I know, but it is very true. Although the pond water passes through the pump, the motor actually remains very dry. The only part that gets wet is the impellor that actually forces the water through the pipe work and back into the fish pond.

Also surface pumps should be housed in a well ventilated and waterproof chamber. Another precaution is to raise the housing slightly from the ground with wooden blocks or bricks.


Filtration Systems

Although it is not compulsory to install a filtration system,I would recommend you do, as it can make a substantial difference.Not only to the clarity of the water,but more importantly, it helps to purify the water by eliminating toxic waste products such as ammonia and nitrites, both having a detrimental effect on fish, which could lead to diseases and ultimately death.
I realise that filtration systems may be a bit of an eye sore, but this can easily be rectified by building a model house around it, thus creating another feature to your garden.

 Basic biological filter
 Basic biological filter


Here are two typical biological filtration systems

 Multi chamber biological filter
Multi chamber biological filter
with u/v mounted on top

 Above are only two of many many different types of filtration systems. They come in various sizes and shapes. The size of filter required,will depend on the number of gallons in your pond.
Again its your personal choice as to the type of filtration system you install.


Ultra Violet Clarifiers

 Ultra violet clarifiers help to rid ponds of green single celled water borne algae which make ponds murky and unattractive.


 Keep pond water crystal clear

Ultra Violet Clarfiers 

As the pond water passes through the unit,it is exposed to ultraviolet light which helps to destroy the algae.There is no danger of pollution or over treatment to the water as no chemicals are used. 
A u/v should be fitted somewhere between the outlet of the pond pump, and the inlet of the filtration system.
Some filter boxes have a u/v built into the lid.

Remember Safety First
In order to create the perfect water feature in your garden it is essential to combine water and electricity in order to run pumps and u/vs.
Always be safe and use a circuit breaker
Circuit Breaker 
Use a Circuit breaker

Hopefully by now all the major decisions have been made and you are looking forward to selecting your first fish.

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