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 Hello,and welcome to the The Real McKoi

I am a Koi keeper, who over the past few years has constructed my own garden fish pond,together with water feature and rockeries.

Here, hopefully I will supply useful information that will help and guide you through out your fish pond construction using a PVC liner or Butyl liner, plus hints and tips relating to items such as water pumps,filter boxes,ultra violet clarifiers and fish diseases, without encountering the pitfalls that I suffered during the transformation of my basic garden, into a water feature to be proud of.

Also to give added features, a wood bridge spanning the koi pond and other garden ornaments that were built by myself. Of which, I shall be giving further details relating to the various constructions later.


A special thought should be given regarding young children, if you feel they are to young to understand the dangers of going near water, then put off building your pond until they are old enough to understand. Please remember children can drown in the shallowest of water.



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Bridge constructed by myself


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 Click on the link pages below to get hints and tips relating to, the building of your first fish pond and then stocking it with good healthy Koi Carp. Plus a step by step guide on how to build your own wood bridge, which will give an added feature to your water garden.

Plus much much more.

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