Constructing a waterfall feature can be made easy by using pre-fabricated moulds 

Build A Waterfall Feature Using Pre-Fabricated Moulds

 An ideal water feature to add to your garden pond is, a waterfall.This is easily accomplished by using pre-fabricated moulds. They come in various shapes, sizes, colours and designs.
These items can be purchased from most aquatic centres.

During the summer months, there is nothing more relaxing than when you are sitting in your garden, drinking a nice cold larger and reading a book, hearing the water in the background as it gently makes it's way down the waterfall and back into the Koi pond.

pre-formed waterfall  custom waterfalls waterfall features 

 Above is only 3,of many different waterfall features readily available.

These moulds can be placed in line, in order to form the length and shape you wish your waterfall to flow.
You can use as many moulds as you like, it all depends on the length of water feature you would like to create.

The first mould you use should be positioned closest to the pond, with the front protruding over the pond edge by 3 to 4 inches.

The second mould should be placed higher, and, to the rear of the first. Repeat this until you have achieved
the length and shape desired.

An added advantage with a waterfall flowing back into your pond is,as the water flows back into the koi pond it generates oxygen,which all fish require.

 Pre fabricated moulds are easy to use and make great waterfalls
 Illustration to the left, shows 3 moulds being used to form a waterfall.

 To give my pond waterfall the height required,so that the water flows freely back into the fish pond,I incorporated it into the rockery, which I formed with the soil removed when initially excavating the garden pond.

Here is the way I have utilized 3 different shaped moulds.By using these moulds it allowed me the facility to route my waterfall around a tree stump,which is furnished with a large bird house on the top of it.

 My pond and waterfall

Stage two complete.

After fully completing your fish pond waterfall, hopefully you have created a fantastic looking garden feature
that will enhance the look of your koi carp pond.

  It's now time to fit a water pump, filtration box and u/v [ultra violet light]

 Are you getting excited?. You should be.

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Ultra violet Clarifiers
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