Vinces New Pond Which Holds Approx 1125 Gallons


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Phase 6


 I am using a boizorb 2000 filter box and a 25 watt uv, my pump is a cyprio 1200(i think)anyway know it turns over about 1,345 gallons an hour and it seems to keep my water crystal clear,at the moment though, due to the move my water is a bit murky to say the least. I know it will clear but like most im impatient, i do like to see my fish.
I would like to add that i never use any chemical treatments in my pond,if my fish appear unwell i always treat them in a seperate tank or i take them to my vetinary surgeon who is only too glad to treat them.
I have a blue and white Israelly kio which damaged its mouth last season, i beleive it was the nieghbours cat that tried to get it from the edge of the pond, this left the fish with a very large wound. Two trips to the vet and two antibiotic injections later i now have a perfectly healthy fish.
On the subject of blanket weed(everyone`s nightmare) i dont seem to suffer from it,what i do at the beggining of each season is to take a scrubbing brush and scrub the sides of my pond i also use a stiff broom to do the bottom of the pond,but remember to be carful as not to hole your liner,i dont know if this is why i dont get blanket weed but it works for me.
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Well done Vince your pond looks fantastic now it is completed.