polyethylene,PVC,or butyl pond liners 

 Construct a pond using polyethylene,PVC,or butyl liner

Have you ever thought what it would be like to have your own Koi pond in your own garden? I did about 5 years ago.Now, especially during the summer months I can often be found relaxing by my pond,drinking a nice cold beer watching the fish as they cruise around and listening to the water as it gently flows down the waterfall back into the pond.

My garden pond
Our children are still here, but the plain garden has gone.

Once you have decided to build your pond,take time and think, how big you would like it to be, and where in the garden would be the best position. Also,the overall cost involved to purchase various pieces of equipment in order to build and maintain your pond to the highest quality.

A special thought should be given regarding young children, if you feel they are to young to understand the dangers of going near water, then put off building your pond until they are old enough to understand. Please remember children can drown in the shallowest of water.

Getting Started

Having satisfied yourself with the above,you are now ready to begin your pond.

A good idea is to lay a hose pipe on the ground outlining the shape you have decided on, then remove the top layer of turf. If you are happy with shape remove soil to a depth of at least 3ft 3ins,deeper the better. Also, a good idea is to dig shelves about 9ins in depth and 9ins wide from the top of the pond. This is where any plants may be situated later on.

Any soil excavated, may be utilized to build rockeries in order to enhance your garden features.

pond liner
Outline Image
pond measurements

Be sure the liner you purchase is the correct size for the pond you are about to construct

Please use example below.

To calculate the size of liner required for your pond all you have to do is as follows.

To calculate length is: LENGTH OF POND + DEPTH + DEPTH again + 2 FEET

To calculate width is: WIDTH + DEPTH + DEPTH again + 2 FEET

EXAMPLE:- A pond that measures Length 10ft x Width 6ft x Depth 3 ft

Total length of liner required would be 10 ft + 3 ft +3 ft +2 ft = 18 Feet
Total width
of liner required would be 6 ft + 3 ft + 3 ft +2 ft = 14 Feet

The extra 2 feet on the end of each calculation is buried under what ever edging stones you use.

Before liner is inserted
A 2 inch layer of sand should be spread throughout in order to protect the liner from sharp objects

Inserting the Liner and filling with water

Pond Filling
Be sure you know how many gallons in fish pond
Trimming of Liner 
Trim liner

Once the pond has been excavated and layered with sand, lay the liner over the pond and place heavy smooth objects around the rim of the liner. Insert hose pipe and fill with water, gradually adjust tension by releasing objects, thus allowing liner to take shape.
Once the pond has been filled, the excess liner can be trimmed as required.

When filling your pond with water, you should ask your local aquatic centre if they would loan you a water meter (A small fee may be charged).This will indicate the exact amount of water your pond contains.
If this is not possible, you can still calculate the volume of water by using a simple formula, ie
Length of pond x Width x Depth x 6.25. This will give you an indication of gallons in your pond.

Example= 10ft x 6ft x 3ft x 6.25 = 1125 gallons

It is very important to know how many gallons your pond contains, as this is vital information when you are required to treat your pond, in order to keep your pond and fish in tip top condition.

Edging stones/paving or other types of material may be used to furnish the the edges of your pond.
Your choice of material is a personal preference.

The first stage successfully completed, you are now feeling good.

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